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"We will show you the way to achieve a real & sustainable inclusive workplace"

Workshop, Presentations and Keynote Titles

Let John provide your organization with the realistic changes necessary to truly make accessibility and inclusion a reality.

1. Removing Barriers to Inclusion - A Paradigm Shift is Needed to Change Attitudes and Reality?

This Keynote is meant to stimulate discussion and debate regarding the myth of inclusion and accessibility, and the paradigm shift needed to make it a reality. Governments and organizations have done a great job developing and promoting policies that create an inclusive and accessible environment. On paper, and in the news it looks and sounds great.......but has it actually transformed into reality or is it a myth?

In reality, we have a long road ahead.

Real change can only take place when there has been a dramatic change in individual attitudes toward those appear to be different.

Unfortunately, for those with a disability, their reality remains unchanged. Many still face incredible and demoralizing barriers finding meaningful employment, or advancements in fields they have been trained. Often they are merely patronized after being granted an interview.

Here's What The Audience Will Take Away From this Keynote:

* Attendees will receive tips on how to interact with persons with disabilities, what to say, what not to say and how to avoid embarrassing situations.

* Why setting policies on inclusion and accessibility alone will not work without action and consequences.

* Why changing the attitudes, and subliminal biases, of individuals who are different is critical as the foundation of inclusion and accessibility.

* Why simply "accommodating" those with special needs is actually counter-productive and at times hurtful.

* How to see those who are different in a more positive way.

* How embracing inclusion and accessibility can actually improve the bottom line for businesses.

2. Held Back by Nothing (For parents of children with special needs, and associations)

Spoken from the heart, Held Back by Nothing is a "can't miss for every parent of a child with special needs".

What is the question on the mind of virtually every parent of a child with special needs? "Will my child be okay when they grow up"?

Unless you have been there, you can't possibly understand the worry,  and often the heartache of raising a child with special needs. John has been there, and now he is sharing his son's amazing story of courage and determination. Filled with real life experiences and helpful suggestions, this inspirational presentation leaves the audience believing their child can stretch beyond the limitations placed on them by others. At the conclusion of this Keynote, they too will believe their child too can be Held Back by Nothing!

Here's What Your Audience Will Take Away From This Keynote:

* A strong belief their child can be okay.

* Suggestions, how parents can inspire and motivate their child to stretch beyond limits placed on them by themselves and others, based on first-hand experience. 

* Helpful suggestions to resolve school issues (and you will have them).

* How to deal with friends and family members who innocently offer unnecessary attention or gifts.

* Helpful suggestions to help your child to become more independent.

* The critical importance of developing a team approach for your child's journey to adulthood.

3. never say NEVER - NO MATTER WHAT! (For teachers, paraprofessionals and faculties of education)

Every child can succeed!

Teaching students with special needs can give teachers an unbelievable high, knowing that they made a difference, or it can cause them the greatest angst! 

How can a teacher insure a positive outcome with special needs students?

It is possible by avoiding these common mistakes:

1) Attitude. Stereotyping children with special needs as not having the ability, or understanding to be successful, or worse - assuming they are not as capable as their classmates.

2) Being overly focused on the student's challenges rather than motivating them to stretch beyond what is expected of them. 

3) Falling into the trap of making assumptions by setting limitations on their activity, ability or potential.

John's presentation was designed to help teachers, paraprofessionals and faculties of education gain a better understanding of children with special needs. The audience will hear about the importance and advantage of using the "team" approach. Teachers can light a fire in these students and inspire them to stretch beyond the limits set on them by others....and sometimes themselves. At the conclusion of this Keynote, those attending the event will leave motivated and armed with the attitude that they can inspire every student with special needs to be the best they can be, and most of all - build their self-confidence to the point they never say NEVER...NO MATTER WHAT!

Here's What Your Audience Will Take Away From This Keynote:

* The disconnect between what teachers and other professionals interpret as the meaning of "Inclusion", and what it means to parents.

* Helpful tips to avoid disappointment and anger from parents when planning outings and events.

* The critical importance of the "team approach" when considering placement and accommodations. 

*The importance of being prepared to welcome a child with special needs into the classroom.

* What is missing from the curriculum at faculties of education.

* The importance of encouraging students to stretch beyond their limitations to be the best they can be.

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