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"We will show you the way to achieve a real & sustainable inclusive workplace"

Additional Topics and Roles

1. Public Education

John draws upon his 30 years as an elected public school board trustee to present insightful presentation on:

* School Board Governance - Working as a Team to Achieve Improved Student Achievement.

* Special Education Programs and Services from the parents perspective.

2. Now that I am Over 70 It's Time to Settle Down in a Career

A humorous presentation to motivate seniors to pursue all those things they wished they couldn't do before they retired. Retirement is part of the journey - not the destination. Also available as a keynote presentation.

3. Master of Ceremonies

Your Master of Ceremonies often makes the difference between "good" and a "Great" event. John uses humour and enthusiasm to keep your audience engaged and motivated. His preparation prior to the event insures your audience feel respected, and your speakers valued. He understands the importance of keeping your program running smoothly and on time.

Let John move your event from "good" to "Great"!!

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