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Published Autho​r & Writer

The success of John's books has been amazing. To date his sales have reached global markets with sales in England, Japan, Australia, United States, Canada and France.


Author of Held Back by Nothing Means Never Saying Never was released April 2023 in London, England at the London International Book Fair. It will also be featured at the International Book Fairs in Toronto, Canada (May 2023) and New York City (June 2023).


This is a "must-read" for anyone in the field of disabilities. The book is based on a true story that follows the life of a boy born with cerebral palsy from infancy to adulthood exploring the physical challenges of a significant disability as well as the stereotyping, bias and discrimination barriers experienced in school and as an adult. The situations are real as are the solutions.


The unique perspective of this book is refreshing as it is written by someone who lived it. All the life-experiences are covered in this book, humor, joy, struggles, courage, determination, family situations, and successes overcoming barriers in his life.

Other Books Published

Held Back by Nothing,
Hugo House Publishing, Denver, Colorado

Never Say Never,
Tate Publishing, Mustang, Oklahoma

Additional Writing Background

  • Published articles in two Canadian disability magazines

  • Published writing contributor in several international sports magazines and newspapers.

  • Wrote paper (published) at Cal State University in Pasadena, California titled The American Elephant and the Canadian Mouse. A comprehensive study of education systems in the United States and Canada.

  • Columnist in a local newspaper covering local education topics.

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