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Held Back by Nothing Means Never Saying Never is the compelling heartwarming and inspirational true story of one young man's journey from infancy to adulthood. It is a story of struggles, disappointments, courage, determination and the unstoppable positive attitude of an individual who refused to let his disabilities control his life.


The book highlights the dramatic results that can be achieved when family, friends and the medical community collaborate to provide a solid, unified foundation to build a successful future. Success comes in many forms, it can be graduation or finding that perfect career. However, for those living with a disability, it may well be taking those first steps or uttering their first words.


Held Back by Nothing Means Never Saying Never is a true story with real problems and real solutions as told by the author and his direction experience, someone who understands. It is a true story that exudes hope.


Threaded throughout the book is the nurturing value of developing a pathway to independence. The thesis of the book is "never allow anyone determine who you (or your child) you are, or who you can be".


This book has been labeled a "must read" for parents of children with a disability by an empathetic author who has been in their shoes.


Held Back by Nothing Means Never Saying Never  is also a valuable resource for teachers and other professionals who will get a glimpse into the "whole child" and appreciate their homelife.

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