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"We will show you the way to achieve a real & sustainable inclusive workplace"

More Than Thirty Years in Public Education

 Successfully ran in Nine elections as a Public School Board Trustee

John served as Vice-Chair of the Board for four years, and as Chair of the Board for two years.

Referred to as the "Senior Statesman" he became known as the voice of reason; particularly during time of controversy. He firmly believed in team work; particularly since Trustees have no individual power to make decisions.

John has a strong belief in the duties and responsibilities of following protocol, and the legislated role and responsibilities of an elected Public School Trustee. His service on the school board also included several years serving on Federal and Provincial education committees'

His personal philosophy on being an effective Trustee was simple. "It isn't the number of times you appear in the news that makes  an effective Trustee, it is the professional way in which you conduct yourself doing the little things day-by-day.

Awarded the most prestigious award for an elected Public School Board Trustee

In 2011 John was presented with the Dr. Harry Paikin Award of Merit. The award is the most prestigious honour bestowed on a Public School Board Trustee in the Province of Ontario by the Ontario Public School Boards Association. John was recognized for his outstanding commitment to public education, community service and his many years of dedication advocating for children with special needs.

John earned the reputation of being the "voice of reason", a titled earned by not rushing into supporting a position before considering both sides of an issue. He was able to accomplish this while still respecting the options, and recognizing decisions are made by the collective board and not individual trustees.

John's passion for advocating on behalf of students with special needs started long before he became elected trustee, and has continued today as a Professional Speaker. He was presented with a token of appreciation for his unrelenting support of children with challenges, fighting to help each one achieve success and grow to their full potential. He has never given up on his dream that only after there isn't a difference between students "with special needs" and "regular students", will inclusion become a reality.

"John Receiving the President's Award" for 30 years commitment to public education. January 25, 2019"

Left to Right: Cathy Abrams, President Ontario Public School Boards Association,

John Bryant, Director of Education, Waterloo Region District School Board,

John Hendry, and Jane Herring, Chair of the Board, Waterloo Region District School Board

"Presented by the President of the Ontario Public School Boards Association after 30 Years of Exemplary Service"

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