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"We will show you the way to achieve a real & sustainable inclusive workplace"

A Background of Challenges and Rewards

John Hendry brings both wisdom and life experience to his presentations, from a parent’s perspective, around inclusion, accessibility and raising a child with special needs.

He passionately covers the importance of acceptance, independence, confidence and facing challenges while engaging the audience with stories of real people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Over 30 years as a public-school trustee molded John into a fierce, outspoken advocate for building a world that includes everyone. His message is one of hope that is felt both in his speaking and his writing.

John is a published author of “Held Back by Nothing” and “Never Say Never.” He has earned Cabinet Appointments from the Province of Ontario to the Minister’s Advisory Committee on Special Education (advising the Minister of Education on all matters affecting programs and services for children with special needs) and the Accessibility Standards Council of Ontario (reporting directly to the Premier of Ontario, this council made recommendations for creating and implementing standards for the Accessibility Act, making Ontario accessible by 2025.).

A member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), this Professional International Speaker has delivered keynote presentations across Canada, Japan and the USA including being a featured speaker/presenter at the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities and Diversity in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

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