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"We will show you the way to achieve a real & sustainable inclusive workplace"

"This is a man who has a fierce passion for justice, a man who elucidates both problems and solutions of issues that create barriers for human beings, a man whose rich tapestry of personal and professional experience will handle us all..."

                                  - Charmaine Crocket

University of Hawai'i

John Hendry

Professional Speaker Inclusion and Accessibility

Helping organizations achieve a real inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. Providing a blueprint for real change, removing barriers for those with a disability.

Professional Services:

  •  Workshops that fully engage attendees to learn how to better communicate and     understand colleagues with a disability.
  •  Keynote addresses
  •  Guest Speaker

"His tremendous passion for Special Education and an inclusive society has been a welcomed support throughout our region to our school board and to the students, families and caregivers that he served."

- Scott Miller

Waterloo District School Board


Hope's Home Presentation, December 2021

Keynote Speech Testimonial

"John Hendry brings wisdom and life experience to his presentation around inclusion and raising a child with special needs. His journey reminded the staff at Hope's Home of the importance of inclusion, acceptance and facing challenges. A parent's perspective as John's comes highly valued. He reminded us that the work we do with our children with diverse needs at Hope's Home has such an impact on the child and family. If you are looking for inspiration and true stories of facing adversity, I would recommend John as a key note speaker.

Thank you kindly! Take care John."

Jacqueline Tisher

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Hope's Home Regina

December 10, 2021

"Chisholm Academy was privileged to have John Hendry as the guest speaker at our Graduation Dinner, June 2019. Chisholm Academy is a Non-Profit Independent School for students with Special Needs and/or Learning Disabilities.

John is a passionate and humorous speaker. He was able to translate his background and personal experiences into a moving speech that engaged both our students, and their families. He emphasized a message of hope, hard work and perseverance that had relevance to every individual present. This evening is the highlight of our school year, and John's message was timely and well received as our Graduating Families move on to the next stage in their growth and development in post secondary goals."

Dino Crapsi, M.Ed., OPC


Chisholm Academy

Oakville, Ontario

June 27, 2019

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