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Book Testimonial

Held Back by Nothing (Second Edition) is an inspirational account of one family's journey through the ups and downs of raising a child who has cerebral palsy.

What makes this book different from other true stories about the struggles and successes of a child with a disability is the realism of the portrayal of the inevitable ups and downs of growing up with challenges. Steven epitomizes a courageous boy whose perseverance and optimism are unstoppable, and remain a defining part of his character as an adult.

His story is one that parents of children who have any type of physical, learning or emotional challenges can read to feel hopeful and encouraged.

Submitted by: Sue Garber

San Jose, California

June 27, 2019


Although speaking is his preference, John is also an accomplished writer whose creative flow is well documented.

He has successfully published two books:

Held Back by Nothing (Hugo House Publishing)

never say NEVER (Tate Publishing)


In addition to writing books, John has a quite an impressive background writing in newspapers and magazines. His list of published magazine and newspaper articles include:

* Feature article in Education Today a magazine promoting public education published by the Ontario Public School Boards Association.

* Feature article in Today's Kids in Motion, a publication advocating for children with physical challenges.

* Completed a two year Appointment to The Community Editorial Board of the Waterloo Region Record, a local daily newspaper. In this capacity he wrote several timely articles on topics including current events and education.

* For several years John was a regular writer in various hockey publications including:

Hockey Magazine (U.S.A. publication)

Hockey Journal (Vancouver, British Columbia). In his position of Assistant to the Publisher, he travelled to most National Hockey League and World Hockey Association cities. His involvement included writing articles, public relations and marketing.

Hockey Spectator (Winnipeg, Manitoba). Contributed articles on the Ontario Hockey League.

The Hockey News (Montreal, Quebec) Assistant to the Publisher. Responsibilities included subscriptions, assisting with preparing the paper for weekly printing and writing occasional articles on the Ontario Hockey League.

Writing and working with the publications noted above also afforded John the unique opportunity to meet hockey legends such as Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe, Johnny Bauer and George Armstrong.

An early accomplishment saw John write and present a paper at Cal State University, Pasadena, California.

Titled The American Elephant and the Canadian Mouse, the paper was a comparative study on the similarities and difference between American and Canadian education systems. The thesis being when the American system makes a change, the Canadian system will follow soon after.

Held Back by Nothing

Held Back by Nothing is more than just the story of one young man's journey from infancy to adulthood. It is a story of courage, determination, and the unstoppable positive attitude of an individual who refused to let his disability control his life.

This book highlights the dramatic results that can be achieved when the family, friends, and medical community collaborate to provide a child with cohesive support.

As a result of its popularity, the Second edition of Held Back by Nothing will be released February 2019." The powerful message and advice have proven to be applicable and inspirational to every family.

Never Say Never

Never Say Never tells the story of one family's journey of self-discovery as their special needs child reaches outside traditional Special Education beliefs to achieve success in ways that others could only imagine. This journey confirms the belief that all children can excel with the love and support of their family. Every child can succeed and Never Say Never proves that.

Endorsement Letter

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