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"We will show you the way to achieve a real & sustainable inclusive workplace"

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help organizations achieve real and sustainable change. Changes that create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. Our goal is to help organizations remove both systemic and attitudinal barriers for those with disabilities.

Inclusion Policy Review

By reviewing corporate policies, recommendations will be made that embrace an inclusive environment, improve communication and understanding to bring about real, sustainable change. The review will look for areas to may create barriers, or fail to recognize the ability and/or suitability of individuals with disabilities.

Interviews with Management and Staff

We can conduct interviews with management and staff to uncover any hidden bias or attitudinal concerns, and make recommendations for positive change. Recognizing that in some situations bias and attitude are formed as a result of legislative directives.

Barriers can be Broken Down

Individuals can change. Actionable, attitudinal changes can be created and recommended that move beyond the workplace to include break times, as well as before and after-work casual conversations that will break down barriers to achieving an inclusive workplace.

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